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Binntal hut FR | DE | EN
Located at the bottom of the Binn Valley (Upper Wallis) and 20 minutes from the Italian border on the Walser way, our Binntal hut has an easy access.
Widely known for its minerals and its incredible diversity of flowers, the landscaped park of Binntal is an ideal goal of promenade for families.
Binntal hut Position
Coordinates: 665.650 / 136.275.
Altitude: 2275 m.
National maps: 1:25'000 Binntal 1270
                           1:50'000 Nufenen 265 / Ski
Directly to the hut.
Ph. +41 (0)27 971 47 97
The Binntal hut is not guarded during winter between October and June, but it is necessary to book during this period. According to the needs and when there is several reservations of groups, the hut could be guarded between Christmas and New Year, for Easter or on request. More information by email.
Reservations are subject to the terms and conditions (GTC) for SAC huts. Thank you to respect in particular the deadlines for booking and cancellation.
+41 (0)27 971 47 97
The hut is open all year, but it is only guard from late June to early October.
Number of beds
The hut can accomodate 50 peoples in summer and 35 in winter.
In winter
During the winter, the Binntal hut is not guarded, but it could be used.
More information on the following document: Binntal hut - Winter use.
From Imfeld (Wallis) in 3 hours or from Devero (Italy) in 3 hours.
Approach possibility in alpine bus:
Devero, Val Formazza by the Scatta Minoia.
By ski: Val Formazza, Corno, Griesgletscher, Simplon, Binn, Airolo.
Ofenhorn, Albrunhorn, Schinhörner, Hohsandhorn, Blinnenhorn.
Actual rates for overnights:
a) SAC members 20.- CHF
Members of alpine clubs
b) Alpine guide Free
c) SAC course responsibles and J+S managers, OJ 12.- CHF
d) Children of SAC members accompanied  
from 7 to 15 years old 9.- CHF
up to 6 years old Free
e) Other visitors 28.- CHF
from 16 to 20 years old 13.- CHF
from 7 to 15 years old 10.- CHF
up to 6 years old Free
f) Group (8 and more) annonced and
with a responsible
26.- CHF
And prices for meals:
a) Breakfast 11.- CHF
b) Dinner 24.- CHF
c) Cooking tax, per meal, per person 5.- CHF
for a group, per person 3.- CHF
Bank account: IBAN: CH5709000000400353719, BIC: POFICHBEXXX
Not so far ... The Binntal hut in front of Ofenhorn Ofenhorn (3235m) Turbhorn and Hohsandhorn The hut in front of Albrunpass (2409m) View on lakes of Alpe Devero A neighbour ...
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